Help bring solar power to families in the Philippines

About 15 million Filipinos have no access to electricity. This year, Earth Hour Philippines aims to offer families The Gift of Light by distributing solar lights among fish ranchers and seaweed farmers in Beton, an offshore community in Taytay, Northern PalawanThis is a WWF solution to help spark the hope of a bright future for the families, a future where their children 

Bee the Change for Uganda's Forests

Every 30 days, Uganda loses 6,000 hectares of forest cover. Rural poverty is a key factor driving environmental degradation in Uganda, home to the world’s first-ever Earth Hour forest.
Without a stable income and access to electricity, rural families depend heavily on surrounding forests for fuel and income, leading to increased deforestation. But this need not be the state of nature.

You can help make it better, for people and for forests.

Beacon for the Sunderbans

For many of us, it is hard to imagine life without electricity. It is something we take for granted and yet, for people living in India’s rural communities, having no electricity is the grim reality. Completely off-the-grid, families turn to burning kerosene and firewood for cooking, lighting and heating, running a number of health and safety hazards. WWF has been working actively with rural communities to make the switch from dirty and dangerous fuels to renewable