Earth Hour 2016 Event Images

Iris Yeo

Iris’s foray into the non-profit world began with Earth Hour after graduating from New York University, and spending more than 3 years in major PR agencies around the world like New York, Shanghai & Singapore. An overwhelming concern about the future of the planet has propelled Iris’s interest in climate change and there’s no better place to strive for a good cause than with Earth Hour. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, checking out new hotspots in the city, and watching Food Network - she has yet to master the art of cooking, but continues to try!

Vanessa Lim Singh

After graduating from NTU’s School of Communication and Information in Singapore, Vanessa spent a year at a Social Media Advertising agency before taking her first step into the NGO world at Earth Hour. Her interest in changing climate change has been growing ever since, and she hopes to make the planet a better place with the help of the digital space. To keep calm while managing Earth Hour's animated online community, Vanessa relies on an allegedly healthy dose of coffee and an endless feed of guinea pig pictures.